Serving Longmont since 2006

We offer gluten free and vegan meals.
We do use nuts in some of our entrées.
If you have any food allergies,
please consult with your server or manager.





Tandoori Breads

Signature Entrees

Tandoori Specialties

All Tandoori dishes are cooked in our traditional Tandoor oven. The charcoal gives a hint of smokey flavor to the meats. High heat of the oven seals the meat juices in the meat. These dishes are served on a sizzling platter with a bed of onions and lemon slices. 

Chicken Entree's

All main meals are served with Basmati Rice
*Extra rice portions 1.95

Lamb entree's

Seafood entree's

Vegetable entree's

Making vegetables in two different curries, one is only limited by imagination.
Here are some of our Chef's selections to tantalize your taste buds.


Biryanis are Indian rice dishes that were created during the Mogul Raj. These were elaborate rice dishes made with the fragrant basmati rice which are grown in the foothills of Punjab. Basmati rice is considered the best long grain rice. It is made with less starch and has a natural nut flavor.

Rice Dishes

Fragrant basmati rice cooked with various spices and herbs.


Indian people love sweet desserts after eating spicy foods. Most of the desserts are milk based. These are light and sweet. We also add nuts to some of these and they are pistachio and blanched almonds,or slivered almonds.


Side Orders